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IRS Currently Not Collectible Status

If you have unpaid tax debt, you may qualify for placement under the "Currently Not Collectible" IRS program.  You may qualify if your circumstances are such that you have no extra income that you can use to pay the tax debt, including utilizing an installment agreement.  If you simply cannot pay anything toward your tax debt, our CPA Firm can negotiate with the IRS on your behalf for "Currently Not Collectible" status as a form of relief from further IRS collection efforts, including the use of tax levies. 

After you are approved under this program, you will receive an IRS notice periodically reminding you of your tax liability.  You will remain under this program for a minimum of one year.  Penalties and interest will continue to accrue while you remain in this program.

Every year the IRS will ask for an updated version of your financial statement to confirm if you still qualify under this program.  As long as your financial situation has not improved, you can remain under this program as long as you have not filed bankruptcy or 10 years from the date of assessment has not passed.  After 10 years the IRS cannot collect on that tax liability due to the expiration of the statute of limitations and your tax debt will be forgiven.

This program is used to provide temporary relief to dealing with your IRS tax debt.   For a more permanent option to eliminating or greatly reducing your tax debts, we recommend submitting an Offer in Compromise.   

Our CPA Firm never recommends that you deal with the IRS alone.

Our goal at Gonzalez & Company, CPA, PA is to resolve your tax problems and get you back on track with your life.

We can help you with any IRS Tax Problems, including:

·         IRS Audit Representation

·         Unfiled Tax Returns

·         Unpaid Taxes

·         Payroll Tax Problems

·         IRS Liens

·         IRS Levies

·         IRS Wage Garnishment

·         IRS Seizures

·         IRS Offer in Compromise

·         IRS Installment Payment Plans

·         Innocent Spouse Relief

·         Obtaining your IRS File

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