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Corporation Tax Preparation Service

Gonzalez & Company, C.P.A., P.A., takes a proactive approach toward business income tax return preparation.  This approach results in reduced tax liabilities for our business clients.  Our CPA Firm works with a wide range of industries.  We prepare IRS business tax forms 1065 (Multi-Member LLCs & Partnerships), 1120 (C Corporations), 1120S (S Corporations), and 1040 with Schedule C (Sole Proprietor or Self Employed) along with all corresponding IRS forms and schedules.  We also prepare all Florida Department of Revenue state business tax forms, including corporate income tax, sales and use tax, unemployment tax, intangible and tangible personal property tax and all others.     

Competence, integrity and fairness to our clients are the cornerstones of our CPA Firm. 


Our Miami CPA Firm specializes in business income taxes and tax return preparation services.  In addition to having your income tax return prepared by us, you get:   

·         Experience & Qualifications - CPA Firm with over 20 years of business income tax preparation experience;

·         Affordable Fees - Could be the best financial decision you ever make;

·         E-Tax Organizer - All business clients receive FREE year round access to our "Online Interactive Tax Organizer;

·         Secure Client Portal - All business clients receive FREE year round access to our "Vault" (see below for more information);

·         Technology - We use sophisticated, top-of-class income tax preparation software;

·         Electronic Filing - E-filing is more accurate than paper filing;

·         Free Second Look - Paid business clients will automatically receive a review of their prior year tax return to uncover any errors (last year we found 2 of 3 client"s tax returns had errors);

·         Privacy Policy - Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act Compliant (see below for more information);

·         Monthly Newsletter - FREE monthly newsletter full of tax and financial planning tips;

·         Customer Service - Open year round to help you whenever you need us;

·         Much More - Too much to list here.

Affordable Fees

For most business tax return preparation work, we charge an estimated flat fee.  All potential business clients have the right to receive a quote before we begin our work.  For this reason, virtually all business income tax return preparation fees are agreed upon in advance.  To give you an accurate estimate, we need a copy of your prior year's business income tax return along with an explanation of any changes involved in the current year's tax return.  If we prepared your business income tax return last year and there are no major changes with the current year, your fee should be the same.  There are some occasions, due to the complex nature of the job, amount of year-end accounting needed or other factors beyond our control, where it is impossible to set a fee in advance.  In these cases, an hourly rate will be set in advance and we will provide our best estimate of the total cost, before we start.  All fees are due at or prior to completion of the work.

Our Guarantees

1.      Satisfaction Guarantee - We are so confident that you will have a pleasant experience with us that you don't pay unless you are satisfied. 

2.      Prompt Service - We will pay any penalty caused by our lateness with regard to any tax deadline.

3.      Reduced Taxes - Owe less in taxes, or your tax preparation is free.

4.      Tax Penalty Refund Policy - We will pay any penalty caused by our error and respond to any IRS correspondence generated as a result of our error, free of charge.    

5.      Free Audit Support - If your tax return is audited, we will tell you why the IRS is contacting you, what it means and what you should do next, free of charge.       

6.      Audit Representation - From the time you receive an IRS notice to when the audit is resolved; you can count on us to help you.  Our fees for audit representation services related to a tax return that we prepared will be billed at 50% our regular rates, provided your income is less than $125,000.  

Business Income & Expenses

If you used QuickBooks or other bookkeeping software to maintain you business accounting, we can use this data to automatically import your income and expense accounts into our tax system, thus saving us time in the tax preparation of your business return. 

If you did not use any bookkeeping software to maintain an accounting of your income and expenses, we can help you too.  However, this will require a little more time on our behalf in order to properly account for all income and expenses for the preparation of your business income tax return.      

Maximize Business Tax Deductions

We get you every business deduction that you deserve.  With so many tax deductions, it is easy to overlook some.  We work hard to spot and maximize all tax deductions that you may be entitled to, including start-up costs, vehicle expenses, supplies, large purchases (assets), depreciation, promotion and advertising, travel, and many more. 

If you own multiple businesses, we will prepare all business returns, even if they are different entity types.

If a state business tax return needs to be prepared, we will complete and file your state return as well.  We can prepare business tax returns for any state in the U.S. 

Year End Reporting & Payroll Forms

We also generate all year end IRS forms, including W-2, 1099-MISC, 1099-INT, 1099-DIV, and K-1 forms for all employees, contractors, shareholders and partners.  We also prepare all corresponding business payroll forms such as IRS Forms 940 and 941.

Secure Client Portal

The "Vault" is our Secure Client Portal which is comprised of four components consisting of 1) Secure File Exchange, 2) Online Document Management, 3) Off-Site Backup, and 4) One-Click Upload.  The Vault is specifically designed to help us work collaboratively with our clients while allowing us and our clients to safely store and quickly retrieve files, documents, and workpapers from any location with Internet access. 

To register or login, please go here.  To learn more about our Client Portal Security Measures, please go here.

Privacy Policy

Our CPA Firm complies with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), also known as the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999.  The GLBA was enacted to protect consumers' private financial information and governs the collection and disclosure of clients' financial information by CPAs, accountants and tax preparers.  This means that we must design, implement, and maintain safeguards to protect our client's information.  We do this by ensuring the security and confidentiality of our client's information, protecting against any anticipated threats or hazards to the security or integrity of such information, and protecting against unauthorized access to or use of such information that could result in substantial harm or inconvenience to any client.  To learn more about our Privacy Policy, please go here.

We can also help you with other income tax return preparation services, including:

·         Personal Income Tax Preparation

·         International Taxpayer Preparation

·         Estate, Trust and Gift Tax Returns

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